Frock Flip Fridays: Celebrity Copy Cat

The Back Story: I have a style crush! Her name is Ryan Destiny. She is an actress
on the fox TV show Star. Her style is perfection. It’s the perfect mix of feminine and masculine. It reminds me of Aaliyah.  So as I stalked her Instagram and decided to do two flips inspired by her looks. Here is the first of those flips:

The Idea: Pants with one leg. Such a simple Idea and so cool! I got the pants from the Goodwill for $6. I made sure to get some that were slim straight and oversized.

Flip Difficulty:

Tools Needed: Scissors

The Process:

Super simple cut of the pant leg and leave the waistband. I decided to leave the back of the pant leg I wish I hadn’t but I still like the way the turned out.




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