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The Back Story: Its about to be summer! I love the summer and that the weather is changing I get to have fun wardrobe planning. One of the things I definitely into is oversized/boyfriend anything. So when I saw this vest at the thrift store I had to have it. It was only $6!

The Idea: I wanted to add some bleach details just to spice it up a little up.

Flip Difficulty:

Tools Needed: Bleach and your choice of denim

The Process: I’m sure you know how to bleach something but here are 4 of my personal tips for bleach DIY.

·      Tip #1 Use a Gel
o   Depending on the project Gel bleach gives you more control and less mess!
·      Tip #2 Avoid Super Stretch
o   You can use stretch fabric but make sure that the fibers are good for bleaching some synthetic fibers don’t bleach well.
·      Tip #3 Double Bag
o   If you are highly sensitive to bleach like I am (it triggers migraines), Make sure to secure the bleached item in several plastic bags. It helps to contain the smell.
·      Tip #4 Let it sit
o   If you want to have white as a result let it sit overnight. That’s how you get the most intense results.

That’s all folks... Do you have an bleach DIY tips?

wanna see the entire process watch the video below:



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