Thrift Transformation: Yellow Scoop Neck Dress DIY/ Refashion

The Back Story: I am contemplating moving the Frock Flip headquarters. So I wanted to try and flip something just in case the madness of a move takes over.  I found this dress while I was sorting my clothing. I got it a few months ago at Housing Works Buy The Bag store for about 20 cent! After staring at it for a few days, I did a few sketches and came up with the final look.

*video illustration tutorial below

The Idea: As usual had to make it sexy!  I promise I didn’t realize that I make such revealing clothing until I started this website! HA. I saw a dress that had long splits on both side and it inspired me for this look.  I wanted to accentuate my legs and neck.

Flip Difficulty:

Tools Needed: Ruler/measuring, Marking Tool, Scissors, tape, Sewing Machine (optional)

The Process:

* where ever sewing machine is used you can hand sew instead.



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