Frock Flip Fridays: How to Refashion / Upcycle a School Uniform!

School Uniform upgrade
Welcome to the Frock Flip! My name is Ashley and I flip clothes. That’s what I do. This site will be insight into how  you can look your best for the lowest price point. Its simple 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted. I’ll share how to win at the thrift store, how transform drab into fab, and styling tips!

Now let’s get started:

The Frock: I was going out and had nothing to where. I found this school uniform at Buffalo Exchange (An excellent Thrift Store for beginners). It was $10. It’s a kid’s size 18 so luckily it fit EGO OFFICIALLY BOOSTED. After trying the dress on I had a few issues. First GOT MILK?, without wearing a shirt underneath my boobs were overexposed, Secondly  it was a little too conservative for the event. No worries I had plans to fix all those issues.

The Flip: Warning this flip is more complicated than most.

To fix my conservative issue I decided to turn the skirt in to a handkerchief hem.  It’s my favorite skirt hem because it shows off these legs my mama gave me and it feels just the right amount of sexy.  Here are the steps for turning pretty much any skirt into a handkerchief hem:

Materials you will need
Scissors, Marking too (if all fails eye/lip liner), measuring tape, a sheet of Paper, ruler, two buttons, two pieces of elastic.
Step 1-Step 5

That's it for making a handkerchief skirt if you want to stop there and throw a shirt on under the top then your are DONE! However if you want to see what I did for the cleavage issue ....

Part 2 Fix Overly revealing cleavage
I only had fabric that was cut from the skirt to make this work so this was pretty difficult.



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