How To : The Fall to Summer Skirt Transformation

The Back Story: The only thing better than a thrift store score is an end of season sale score! A couple of weeks ago I went into Zara and discovered they were having their end of season sale. Let’s be clear I swiped my card LOL! One of the items I purchased was this pleated faux leather skirt. First of all I LOVE tea length skirts, second the color is gorgeous on my melanin, and third it was $8! They are one of my wardrobe staples. The femininity and length it adds to my 5’5 body are perfection.

The Idea:  If you know anything about an end of season sale you know that the items are on sale because either they are butt ugly or because there is an approaching weather shift. This skirt represents the later so I was instantly trying to figure out how I can BBBF (BAD BYTCHES BEAUTIES BOMB FIRST) this skirt, while not appearing to be out of season.  Here in New York we still had a nice chill in the air so I attempted to rock it to a party one day. I went with my go to flip the Handkerchief hem it takes five minutes and it looks great on my legs (if I do say so myself)

Flip Difficulty :

Tools Needed: Skirt, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Marking tool, Sewing Machine (optional)

The Process: (sorry I totally forgot to take pics when I did it but I drew up a little illustration)



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