Thrifty Thursday: Semi Formal Dresses

The Back Story: 

     I was browsing the Internet looking for dresses to wear for my birthday, it dawned on me that a dress I purchased a couple of months ago at the goodwill could be a valid option. One of the missions of this blog is to expand your horizons on thrifting and the possibilities it can offer.  This will be a new series of posts called Thrifty Thursday. Thrifty Thursday will be how I share dope items I copped at the thrift store. People often don't realize that the thrift store has dresses of all kinds from casual to formal and everything in-between.  The prices will make it worthwhile . I have even seen cute prom dresses for $10!
     This dress is from the overseas store Sheinside. The quality of the fabric is questionable, but the design is cute. It only cost me $7 so I not complaining at all. The moral of the story is don’t sleep on the thrift store!


1. Find out when your thrift stores has its weekly sale that includes the formal category (most thrift stores have 50% off a particular set of categories each day).

2. Don’t go to just one store shop around! (compare prices and styles until you find your best option)

3. If you can help it find one that fits as-is!  (Alterations can drive the price right back up)

4. I would however opt for professional cleaning ( you would be amazed at how a professional cleaning can bring a dress back to life)



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