AfroPunk: Style Guide

One of the very first events I went to when I moved to New York was AfroPunk. The Afropunk Music Festival was founded in 2005 by director James Spooner and Matthew Morgan. The first of the festivals were built on fans and musicians' interest in Spooner's documentary film, Afro-Punk (2003). I had heard about back then, after seeing all the amazing photos and said that one day I would fly to New York and go. I was several years late but hey, I did it. It was also one of my favorite events I went to that summer. I had never seen so many black people together at one time. The festival was created to highlight African American musicians presence in punk and alternative music. It usual features several huge names and many lessor  known up and coming artists. While I am totally excited about the music it's the vibe that I truly l love. The vibe is to be yourself whatever that is and whatever it looks like. This year I decided to create two custom looks for the event. Details on those looks and their creation will be in the next post.

If I could describe the he style of the event in one word I would say "bold". Think a black Woodstock. Lots of bold colors, statement tees, African inspired prints, natural hair, colored hair, bold protective styles, and unique accessories. Its usual pretty hot out so I would wear something that’s going to keep you the coolest. My advice is to avoid skirts because every now you may want to sit down and not have to worry about showing the world your hidden treasures. Here are some examples of past the fashion.



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