Flippin Couture : AfroPunk Edition

So I knew Afropunk was coming up and I decided that I would make my own looks for the festival. I knew I was going to be wearing a hat because I’m currently growing out an under cut ( shaved sides) so my hair looks CRAZY!   The original inspiration for the looks was this wide brim Brixton Hat. 

I had been lusting after this hat for over a year! So I decided to finally pull the trigger and buy it. Next came the sketch. I took a quick road trip to Philadelphia about a month ago just to get away from the pressures of the city. While there I sat in the park for awhile and that’s where the sketches were born. My thought process was to make very full bottoms that would give the illusion of skirts. I love skirts but they just aren’t functional for a festival.  Here are the original sketches.

After the sketches were done I need to figure out fabric. I originally wanted to use the traditional dashiki fabric, but recently I noticed a huge influx of dashikis and the traditional fabric everywhere. I even saw one on sale at rainbow!  So I decided to find some nice wax prints/ Ankara fabric.  This was difficult because I had really specific needs for color, design, price, and shipping time.  There were a lot of amazing affordable options on Etsy but shipping from Africa was going to take to long. So ultimate Ebay won. They had the designs I liked for a great price and very fast shipping times.

The hardest part of the process was pattern making. I am not the best pattern maker at all. I prefer to drape everything. Now years ago when I was in design school I had made some basic patterns that I used as a base for the tops. For the shorts I just used a  commercial shorts pattern and added some fullness. The pattern making took a long time because I had to fit it in between work and all my other responsibilities. Once I was confident in the patterns. I started cutting the patterns from the fabric and the sewing began. My apologies for the lack of details and photos the next FLIPPIN COUTURE will be more detailed.

Here is the finished product of look 1:


 Heres Look 2: 



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