Frock Flip Friday: DIY Shirt Into Skirt Refashion / Upcycle

Shirt into a Skirt

The Back Story: No real story here. I said I would be working on transforming classic shirts many ways and I am J . This is simply another option: turn it into a skirt. The shirt was $2 at the Goodwill and transforming it was a piece of cake! I loved the color army green is one of my favorites.

The Idea: I wanted the pockets and color to be the star. I wanted to keep the look fall but I couldn’t decided between my handy dandy lumberjack shirt (I’ve been trying to retire it for years), and my off the shoulder basic from H&M. So I showcased both.

Flip Difficulty:

Tools Needed: Ruler/measuring, Marking Tool, Scissors, tape, Sewing Machine (optional)

The Process:
* where ever sewing machine is used you can hand sew instead.

DIY Shirt Into a Skirt
Shirt into Skirt
Shirt into skirtShirt into skirt

For steps On this transformation keep reading

Step 1
Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7Final Step



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