Frock Flip: Valentines Day Edition/ Anniversary

Valentines flip/ Site anniversary
Original Dress | J Taylor (Thrifted)

The Back Story: Valentine's day is supposed to be a day when you publicly celebrate the people you love. Usually that love is romantic.  I wont go into my usual spill but I will say if you don't have romantic love, don't let it make you feel in adequate. Use today as a day to celebrate the love you have for yourself. We all want to be loved but being down about it won’t change that. Usually I take myself out and buy myself something nice. This year I going to just make sure I’m happy with whom I am inside! No gifts and no plans. Here is a look I flipped THIS MORNING LOL! I wanted badly to flip something for Valentines Day, as it is the first post I did last year when I started this site. Its not only Valentines Day it's like my site anniversary.

The Idea: I wanted to flip this blazer style dress I purchased last Valentines day (10 Cent from Buy the Bag). Since its V-day/ U-Day I wanted to make it sexy to remind myself I still have it.  There are no details of how I accomplish this because after cutting the sleeves, I really don’t know what else I did LOL!



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