Frock Flip Friday : How to Refashion/ Upcycle using the Lace Up Trend

The Leather Dress Flip

The Back Story: When I went home for thanksgiving my mother couldn’t wait to take me to the newest second hand store back home. She had been raving about it for weeks and I was pretty excited. The store is called Encore Styles and it’s like an more adult version of Buffalo Exchange. I purchased a leather dress, a pair of jeans, a sweater, and a cape. So it’s safe to say I like the store.  The focus of this flip is that leather dress. It’s a MNG dress and the original ticket price is $150 and I got it for a mere $15. When I purchased the dress it was a little snug on my boobs I swear they wont let me be great. Now months later when I finally decided to wear the dress its also slightly snug on the derriere. So it had to be flipped!

The Idea: My immediate thought was to make the top lace up. It was very on trend at the time and it would allow room for my boobs. Then I thought why not lace the sides too.

Flip Difficulty:

Tools needed: a Grommet making tool (Michael’s $10 with the 40% coupon), eyelets (local fabric store), optional leather hole puncher (If your leather is really thick), string/cord (I used parachute cord from Michael’s),Marking Pen, and Scissors

The Process:

You can stop here if you desire.
Part 2 the Skirt 



  1. I like this one! I might do it to a top I have.

    1. Thank so much for checking it out! please email me pics or questions. :)


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