Lessons In Flip: Making It Fit

Being an avid thrifter you are painfully aware of limited availability of sizes. Very often I find things I like, but can’t fit. This post is just one of many ways I deal with sizing issues.
I love that 70s fashion is still on trend! It’s a look and silhouette that compliments my body type. I know most short women don’t like them, but I think it’s all about the proportions. I think Flare pants/bell bottoms actually make my legs appear longer.  The secret is making sure that the pant is literally just long enough to just kiss the floor. If your shoe shows you look cut off, and if the pants drag the ground you look shorter. 
When I saw these bell bottoms/Flare pants at the Zara I knew I was swiping my card.  Unfortunately, the Zara bell bottoms didn’t have them in my size so I had to get a large. I didn’t care in the words of Tim Gunn “Make it work”!  To find out how I made it work read the full post.

The Frock: (Zara) bell bottom| (Lucky)Utility Vest | (HM) Cropped Top | (Forever 21) Hat

The Flip: Lets not get carried away if you are an XS you probably shouldn’t be buying an XL. As a general rule of thumb I wouldn’t go more than one size up or down.. The Zara Bell bottoms/Flare pants were a size Large and I needed a medium.

The Fix:  A simple basic sewing alteration can fix this issue. I simply sewed two ½ inch darts in the back to compensate for the size difference. A Dart is a diagonal segment of the fabric that takes out mass without taking out length:



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