Frock Flip Friday: Basic Swim Suit Upcycle Refashion

The Back Story: Lets start with the fact I am not exactly happy with my body… Flashback to years ago when I took an impromptu road trip with some friends to the beach. None of us brought swimwear because again it was impromptu. So we stopped at the local arget to get some suits, towels, etc. , but there just weren’t a lot of cute options for women who weren’t rail thin. So, I did the best I could. I purchased a very basic one-piece swimsuit and when we arrived to the beach my confidence was shot. I vowed never to be that girl again. There are ways of making cute swimwear for women with imperfect bodies.

The Idea:  I saw this basic swimsuit on markdown at the Gap and knew it would make an easy flip. Everyone has areas of their body they don’t like, so I let those areas guide the flip. My problem areas are my stomach and my back. That narrows the ideas down because I knew those areas had to be covered. I decided to accentuate my boobs since they are one of my positive body parts. Here are the results: Don’t forget to read more to see details on how I actually flipped the frock:

Purchase Links: Gap Swim | Crochet Footless Sandal

Flip Difficulty :

Tools Needed: 6 curve, Marking Tool, Swim Suit, Twin needle, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Sewing Machine (optional)

The Process:



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