Affordable/Ebay Swim Review

Affordable Swim Review

If you visit your local retail store in search of cute swimwear, you will find a ton of cute bikinis. What about girls who don’t have bikini bodies? In most cases the selection is pretty bland. Since I love random beach days in the summer it’s pretty important for me to have cute swimwear. I also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.  So here are some affordable swimsuits I picked up for this summer and what I thought:

11.     the black lace up one piece
I purchased this one on ebay. It was less than $10 and it came in like four weeks.

·      It covers my whole butt (no wedgies lol)
·      It makes me look slim
·      Its not overly revealing
·      It runs small

I would definitely recommend buying this suit. It was affordable, cute, and comfortable.
Purchase it here
22.     The white lace up one piece
I purchased this suit from ebay as well. It was again less than $10 and it came in about five weeks.

·      The color (I think white pops against darker skin)
·      The color (I love white but it doesn’t hide my problem areas it actually accentuates them)
·      The string that laces thorough could be a longer and wider ( I feel like I could lace it the way I would have liked because it was too short.
·      There is no pad to cover the nipples and we all know white + water + nipples = Wet T-shirt contest
·      The straps were to long for me it they were shorter it would lift my boobs making them look better
·      It doesn’t cover my whole butt (there’s so little fabric in the butt area its pretty much a thong)

Purchase it here

33.     Neon Color block One Piece
I purchased this one at Burlington Coat factory and I made some small alterations to it. It was $12.

·      It hides all my problem areas its long in the back so it covers my back bulge and it covers my stomach
·      Its almost reversible if you at padding in the back im super sure you could wear it in reversible
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