Ebay Thrifting Tips: The Affordable Outerwear Series

Hello There! Its #ThriftyThursday. So, for the second topic of our affordable outerwear series: Lets talk about thrifting on Ebay.  YES! I said thrifting on Ebay. A lot of people don’t know that Ebay has a huge second hand clothing assortment. I knew that one of the key pieces during this transitional weather (fall into winter), would be camo jacket. I had one prior to moving to New York,  but it as in most things didn’t make the moving cut. So I searched my local thrift stores and found that they either didn’t have one, or it was more than I was willing to pay. So, what did I do? Went the good ole trusty Ebay (LOL). Typed in camo jackets and viola! $2.76!! That’s better than freaking Goodwill! So her are my tips for buying second-hand clothing on Ebay.

  1.       Use Auction Type Listings: They usually end cheaper.
  2.  Picture Heavy: Choose listings with multiple views in pictures: You want to make sure there’s   no huge hole, stain, etc.
  3.  Ask Questions: if you think something is off or can’t see some detail don’t be shy hit up the seller.
  4.  Do Your Research: If you are buying a brand specific/vintage, do your research. Ebay and           Google have very good articles on authentication.
  5.  Be Patient: If the auction has a lot of interest, don’t bid until the last 5-10 minutes if you can       help it. It helps stop people from having the time to outbid you.

Those are my tips. Have you ever purchased second hand clothing from Ebay? Do you have any tips of your own?



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