Tips on purchasing Faux Leather : The Affordable Outerwear Series

So as we all know I am a budget shopper for the most part and with the change in weather its time to get your outwear ready. In New York VS when I lived in Louisiana my variations in outerwear have never been so important. The one thing everyone sees you in is your jacket/coat, so if you don’t have options it begins to feel like your wearing the same outfit everyday! NO BEUNO! This week I’m going to share with you my tips, on getting cute, affordable, expensive looking outerwear.  
Lets start with the closet staple the “leather Jacket”. When It comes to purchasing faux and vegan leather here are my tips:

  • 1.     Buy Matte: When it comes to buying faux leather always buy matte. Matte (having no shine) simply looks more expensive than faux leather with excessive shine. It more difficult to tell whether you paid a $50 or $500. Don’t get me wrong if the shine on the faux leather is just right it could still be a great find. Zara’s faux leather usually has the perfect amount of shine.

  • 2.     Pay attention to hardware finish: If the hardware is painted or finished in any way don’t get it. The finish will eventually wear off and be a tell-tell that your jacket isn’t quality.

  • 3.     Pay attention to thickness: if your going to purchase a faux leather jacket my suggestion is to make sure it has a nice amount of thickness. Thin leather only works (in my opinion) if it’s real or really expensive faux/vegan leather

So those are my tips and here is an example: my brother and sister purchased me this faux leather jacket from forever21 of all places for Christmas last year. I loved it so much that I decided to purchase it in black this year. Its matte, the hardware is unfinished, and its super thick! The best part it was under $40 bucks! Dont worry about that ugly faux fur collar its removable.




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