Frock Flip Friday: Sweater Dress Upcycle / Refashion

Dress | Gap $5 Boots | Aldo $110

The Back Story: Life is hard… with that being said someone told me once that when you are feeling down and out, you need to do the thing that you are passionate about. So this flip didn’t have a destination or event in mind. I flipped this because it was good for the soul! I purchased this dress from the Gap for $4.97. I made impromptu plans to stay at my boyfriend’s house and hadn’t packed a bag. I an effort to avoid waking up crazy early, I need to buy something to wear to work the next day. The only requirement was that it was CHEAP. It was still summer when I purchased it so that’s why it was dirt-cheap. I had no plans on ever wearing the darn thing again, but like I said flipping it was chicken soup for the soul. I am super pleased with the results.

The Idea: You and I both have seen a ton of tops and dress with the almost chocker like neckline. So I decided to give it a try.

Flip Difficulty :

Tools Needed: Ruler/measuring, Marking Tool, Scissors, tape, Sewing Machine (optional)

The Process:
* do not try and sew the raw edges unless you have a serger . I made that mistake and had to cut of more than I had planned to correct it.



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