Men's Shirt Upcycle/ Refashion: The Fashion Week Edition


The Back Story: I’M Back!!! Sorry between trying to adjust to my new schedule, being sick, and losing my photographer the struggle to find time to post has been real. I purposefully decided not to attend any shows this season with the exception of my friend Jacquetta who showed her collection. I didn’t think I was going to make it to the show. So I threw together this frock flip in literally 20 min. The shirt is JoS banks and of course it was thrifted (Buy The Bag). I’ve wanted to do a men’s shirt series, but haven’t had the time.  Until then enjoy..

The Idea: This one was straight out of the pages of my own imagination.

Flip Difficulty :

Tools Needed: Ruler, Marking Tool, Scissors, Sewing Machine (optional)

The Process:




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